The Slightest Provocation

Written by Pam Rosenthal
Review by Audrey Braver

By 1817, Kit Stansell has survived the Napoleonic Wars and is ready to return to England and begin a career in the Home Office. There is unfinished business that he must conclude with his estranged wife, Mary, before he can start his new life. He and Mary, the daughter of an extremely wealthy industrial neighbor, had eloped nine years earlier. The first two years of their marriage had been full of high times and sexy fun, but then it fell apart. Now he wants a divorce. The problem with that is that he must catch Mary in flagrante, and she no longer has a lover. Unless one counts Kit himself, that is. Every time he and Mary meet, the old sexual attraction flares up, and neither can resist the temptation to make love. But when lust is satisfied, they fall into petty squabbling, mostly about politics. Yet, oddly, it is their differing political views that help solve a mystery and reunite the star-crossed couple.

A consummate storyteller, Pam Rosenthal has drawn on a real historical event as the basis of the mystery that brings Kit and Mary together.