The Silent Gift

Written by Cindy Kelley Michael Landon Jr.
Review by Viviane Crystal

Hard times filled the lives of 1930s Depression America, soon to get even more difficult for Mary Godwin and her deaf-mute son, Jack. Mary’s husband, Jerry, loved his wife and son for a brief time, until Jerry found out about his son’s handicap. Escaping from her abusive husband, Mary travels with Jack to Minnesota. The ensuing years bring much suffering and much kindness, some of it from the economy but some of it from a strangely prophetic gift that Jack possesses, one that could be a blessing or a curse depending on the attitude behind its use. Happiness and peace are transitory and a series of events, beginning with Jerry’s return, spin Mary and Jack’s world out of control. What does one do to find peace and security? Why would God grant such a beautiful gift that causes only chaos and disaster?

Throughout the journey, the reader gets a brief perspective of 1930s prisons, mental institutions, politics, railroad bums, the traveling circus, and so much more. More questions than answers, about faith, wealth, power, and poverty, abound in this novel that is a riveting and fascinating story of the endurance of unconditional love.