The Seventh Son: The Norman Conquest Series, Book 4

Written by Ashley York
Review by Anne McNulty

Ashley York puts a pair of star-crossed lovers at the center of the latest installment in her Norman Conquest series. In Ireland of 1075, the life strong-willed Tisa O’Brien had expected for herself is completely disrupted when her betrothal to the noble warrior Tadhg MacNaughton is broken so that she can be married off instead to the head of a rival clan, the Meic Lochlainn. Tisa’s new father-in-law, in addition to seeing himself in her bed, also sees himself as a royal rival to King William of England, and since Tadhg is in the military service of the Meic Lochlainn, he and Tisa find themselves at the heart of political intrigues that could cost them both their lives.

As in the earlier books in the series (the reading of which is not at all necessary in order to enjoy this one), The Seventh Son is very readable. The author has a keen ear for dialogue and clearly knows it: her characters are wonderfully talkative, and the novel is skillfully plotted, a very adroit balancing act between historical action and romance.