The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor

Written by Paula Quinn
Review by Wendy A. Zollo

The fearless, beautiful and dedicated Jacobite, Abigail MacGregor, is determined to protect her clan’s dangerous secret: her mother is the true heir to the English throne. If the truth is discovered, it will mean war for her people and her much-loved Scotland. To prevent this from happening she heads to London, under the protection of England’s most daring and desirable knight, General Daniel Marlow. Marlow, also known as the “Jacobite Killer,” wants little to do with conveying his charge across the border, but is quickly won over by the bravery and innocence of Abby MacGregor, and must eventually choose between betraying his queen and giving up the woman who has stolen his heart.

The Scandalous Secret opens no new realms into the world of romance, nor is it immensely historical, offering little insight into the world of Queen Anne, which would have certainly added more depth. Still, I found it lush and lusty and a fun slip of a book meant to quench your craving for sensual Scottish romance. It is a well-written addition to the genre.