The Saxon Wolves

Written by Penny Ingham
Review by Richard Tearle

Anya is both princess and priestess in Germania, but she is exiled for questioning the High Priest’s decisions and ordered to travel to Britain with her half-brother, Henghist, and her full brother, Horsa. Aficionados of the Arthurian myths will recognize these names as the Saxon wolves who firstly fought as mercenaries for the post-Roman leaders, but who subsequently carved out their own kingdom in Kent. In quick succession, Henghist shows his cruelty, Anya is betrothed against her will to Vortigern, captured by Irish pirates and washed up on the shores of Tintagel following a shipwreck, where she meets Silvanus, heir apparent to a dying king.

This adventure captures the chaos left in the wake of the Roman departure from Britain, with petty kings fighting amongst themselves for overall supremacy. It might perhaps have featured the Saxon wolves of the title more strongly, but it is well-written and researched, and very well presented. A sequel is planned.