Arthurian (ca 450-600)

The Once and Future Queen: Guinevere Reimagined

By Parker J. Cole - Published 2022


Alternate History

515 AD. Gwenhwyfar and Arthur are both on the cusp of retaking their lands. Their plans have been shaping for 10 years now. Gwenhwyfar, born ...Read Review

Dark Earth

By Rebecca Stott - Published 2022



AD 500, and sisters Isla and Blue sit on an island in the Thames, watching the tide creep up on the Ghost City, formerly ...Read Review

The Great Book of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

By John Howe - By John Matthews - Published 2022


EpicHistorical Fantasy

This marvelous and remarkably gorgeous book was written by John Matthews and illustrated by John Howe, with a foreword by Neil Gaiman, who ...Read Review


By Nicola Griffith - Published 2022


Historical Fantasy

In an isolated wilderness in Wales, a gifted child is raised by her mother, who keeps her ignorant of ways in the outside ...Read Review

Guinevere: The Dragon Ring

By Fil Reid - Published 2022



In present time, Gwen has grown up on tales of King Arthur, visiting Glastonbury Tor as a child with her father, a well-known ...Read Review


By Lucy Holland - Published 2021


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

It is southwest Britain in the 6th century, and the Saxons are threatening again a generation after they were stopped by Aurelianus’s (...Read Review

The Saxon Spears: An Epic of the Dark Age (The Song of Ash)

By James Calbraith - Published 2020



A foundling sold as a slave in a British market, the Sea-born Ash is adopted by a pair of British nobles and raised ...Read Review

Arthur Rex Brittonum (A Light in the Dark Ages)

By Tim Walker - Published 2020


In his Light in the Dark Ages series, Walker puts his own cast on the myths of 5th- and 6th-century Britain and its ...Read Review


By Giles Kristian - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Merlin has not been seen for ten years. Arthur, once the unifying leader of the Britons as they fought the invading Saxons, fell ...Read Review

The Bear King (Dark Age)

By James Wilde - Published 2020


It’s AD 375 and the onset of the Dark Ages of Britain. Rome’s legions are leaving, and the Pendragon line is sheltering ...Read Review

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