The Saint

Written by Madeline Hunter
Review by Margaret Barr

Vergil Duclairc is the frustrated guardian of Bianca Kenwood, unwilling to follow the rules of English society. The young American dreams not of marriage, but of being a professional singer. Her guardian, for reasons best known to himself and his family, prefers that she marry his rake of a brother, Dante. This unconventional heiress manages to shock even the unshockable, while at the same time exerting a unique charm over Vergil. When she uncovers his secrets, the two form an alliance that results in intimacy and draws them deeper into danger. Hunter, best known for her historically detailed and well-structured medieval romances, proves somewhat less compelling a storyteller when transplanted to the Regency. Nevertheless, she provides suspenseful entertainment. The Duke of Wellington briefly appears, as does the famous opera star Catalani, who, inexplicably, has the given name Maria rather than the correct Angelica.