The Rogue’s Princess

Written by Eve Edwards
Review by Lorraine Gregory

The Rogue’s Princess is the third in a series of Tudor romances, and this particular story is set in the London of 1586. It follows the story of Mercy Hart, a 16-year-old girl raised in a Puritan household who meets and falls in love with Kit Turner – a stage actor, and therefore not a suitable suitor for Mercy at all.

The author gives an interesting account of the time period, with several well observed details, and the characters are engaging if a little simplistic. It is an enjoyable, light read well suited to young girls who enjoy a touch of history thrown in with their romance.

Personally I found the relationship between Kit and Mercy not entirely believable, based as it was on just a few very short encounters that gave them hardly any time to get to know each other, but that may just be my cynicism shining through!

I did enjoy the historical aspects, however; the author has a very easy style with an excellent understanding of the time period. She covers some interesting areas, including the plot by the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots to invade England and have her cousin Queen Elizabeth assassinated. She even brings a young Will Shakespeare into the storyline.

Overall it is a well written, engaging story, but a little light for my own tastes.