The Prophet

Written by Francine Rivers
Review by Ann Chamberlin

Hugely popular inspirational writer Francine Rivers turns her prolific pen to the prophet Amos in this short novella that forms part of her Sons of Encouragement series. Amos cares for his flock, including killing those who don’t behave, until confronted by the corruption of cheating temple priests. Then God’s Voice comes to him, sending him to preach dire retribution upon all peoples, including those of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel, generally making himself unpopular. Rivers’ use of the term “camel jockey” is shockingly out of place; there are gaps in logic; actions take place without foreshadowing. These quirks speak to a certain haste in writing, and the narrative takes us to no new understanding. Otherwise, any conflicts outside the black and white are avoided or cleaned up and therefore, with the comprehensive study guide at the end, this book is completely suitable for Sunday School.