The Prophet of Cobb Hollow

Written by Mingo Kane
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Reuben Shadrack Judah died in 1955 at the age of 118 in a California mental institution. Born in 1837, he fought in the Civil War, served with the Rough Riders in the Spanish American War, and then participated in World War I. His travels took him from New York City to Atlanta to Texas and the Dakotas. Between 1919 and 1939 he sailed the ocean. During his lifetime he met Wild Bill Hickok and Teddy Roosevelt. This is his story and how he became known as the Prophet of Cobb Hollow.

He is raised by an Indian called Three Crows, at a place called the Cobb Hollow Divide. While away fighting in the Civil War, his wife and daughter are killed by locals, the mean-spirited Kruger family. Angered by the senseless killing, he seeks revenge. After killing a local man, to hide his identity, he changes his name to Luther Eli Cobb. In this story of revenge and retribution, he becomes a legend around Cobb Hollow Divide. Finally arrested after a gruesome homicide, he is imprisoned and sent to a mental institution.  He feels no remorse for his crimes, but feels guilty for having left his family to fight in the Civil War. The author adds depth and life to the main characters. He also does a good job blending historical characters and events, which helps make his story feel true to life. An entertaining read that I highly recommend.