The Passion of Mary Magdalen



Mary Magdalen in Christian scripture is the woman freed of seven demonic spirits, a follower of Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry, and the one who finds that Jesus’s empty tomb after his resurrection from the dead. But Elizabeth Cunningham has chosen in this fictional tale to present a livelier and worldlier character, no less spiritual than the one presented in the gospels. This Mary is actually Maeve Rhuard, daughter of eight warrior witches, who shares love with Eseus (Jesus) on a Druid island, is sold into Roman slavery as a whore, is then sold to the phenomenally childish but cruel Roman wife of the Emperor Claudius, then becomes a priestess of Isis, finally becoming the companion and wife of Jesus.

Given Mary’s descent into the debauchery and savagery of Roman life, one must accommodate her rather earthy and profane, to say the least, descriptions and language. After one adjusts to the 21st century “truck driver in a bar” dialogue, one is mesmerized by this riveting, empathic, god-filled, healing priestess. This Mary is capable of forgiving the most outrageous brutality but incapable of surrendering to a passive existence as someone else’s possession, including that of the Master. Indeed, she emerges as the disciple most capable of comforting and empathizing with her lover, Jesus, who is frequently confused by his evolving, dedicated ministry.

Elizabeth Cunningham presents Mary’s energetic, feisty love in untraditional, fascinating breadth and depth of personality that you, the reader, will never forget, no matter your religious perspective. Here Mary Magdalen shares the ministry of a leader and disciples who truly called men and women of all nations, religions, and races into a new way of loving. Amazing story!

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