The Lost King

Written by Alison Prince
Review by Alan Cassady-Bishop

1473, Ludlow Castle. Twelve-year-old Lisa becomes the maid and companion to the young Prince Edward Plantagenet, son and heir of King Edward IV, which develops into a long friendship between the two. Lisa watches with concern as Edward and his younger brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, are taken into protective custody in the Tower of London after the death of their father. She never sees them again …

The Lost King is a balanced treatment of King Richard III’s reign that also looks at the mystery surrounding the ‘Princes in The Tower’. Telling it through the eyes of a young commoner, Alison Prince sets out to unravel the political intrigue of the court during the ‘Cold War’ between the houses of York and Lancaster. Prince makes the mystery interesting to nine- to twelve-year-old readers, explaining why their uncle was forced to turn from regent to king. The systematic purge of the Plantagenet line and its supporters is also explained clearly. This book is a good presentation of the historical events. It avoids speculation about the actual fate of the Princes in the Tower but lays out the known facts with plausible suggestions as to what might have happened.