Killer Poker (The Loner series Book 8)

Written by J.A. Johnstone Tessa Harris
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1783 London, American anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone is thrust into a world of sorcery and racial prejudice. Entrusted with the specimens recovered from a ship’s scientific expedition to Jamaica, he is compelled to investigate the disappearance of the sole scientific survivor of the voyage. He learns that the doctors on the trip have died in Jamaica; therefore, he has no one to turn to who can help in his investigation. During his search, he learns that a powerful potion that could raise the dead back to life may be part of the cargo.

This book is the fourth in the series of the Dr. Thomas Silkstone mysteries. I wish I had read the previous books, primarily because this novel vaguely refers to the earlier relationship between the good doctor and his beloved Lady Lydia Farrell, which has become quite complicated. This is definitely one of the better mysteries I’ve read recently. The characterizations are excellent, the plots and subplots are fast paced and gripping, while the author places the reader into the thick of the story. This book is an absorbing blend of history and mystery. Highly recommended.