The Laird

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Ray Thompson

Like the others, the third book of the interconnected Captive Hearts Regency series is set against a dark background. Here, however, the problems faced by Michael Brodie in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars are overshadowed by those of the wife he left behind on his Scottish estate. Brenna has endured long years of hostility to an outsider from clannish folk, compounded by blame for a mishap; the hurt and mistrust caused by her husband’s extended and unexplained absence; and, worst of all, the pain and anger of a survivor of childhood molestation by a sexual predator. And then there is the upheaval of the Highland Clearances. This makes adjustment to her husband’s return even harder: both have changed, and trust must be won if they are to find the happiness both have earned by their loyalty and sacrifices. These remain pertinent issues in a modern world of returning veterans, economic downsizing, and the widening reach of sexual predators on the internet. This whole series explores the personal consequences of serious social issues that are rarely touched on in romances. Recommended.