The Lady of the Lakes: The True Love Story of Sir Walter Scott

Written by Josi S. Kilpack
Review by Susan McDuffie

Edinburgh, 1790s: Walter Scott, a young man with a romantic temperament, falls deeply in love with a young girl, Mina, from the very first day he spies her at church. He walks her home from chapel, and over the next several years they correspond and see each other regularly. Walter is convinced that Mina is the love of his life, but Mina, under considerable pressure from her parents, is perhaps not so certain of this attachment. Scott swears he will love no other woman than Mina. If he loses her he will never love again.

Meanwhile, in England, a young refugee from France, Charlotte Carpenter, grows to maturity. Fate eventually throws Charlotte together with Walter Scott, challenging both their preconceptions of the future.

This true story of the romantic triangle between Mina Belsches, Sir Walter Scott, and Charlotte Carpenter will intrigue lovers of Scott’s work, as well as lovers of inspirational historical romance. Kilpack provides a bibliography, timeline, and detailed notes for readers who may wish to investigate the story more deeply. Firmly grounded in historical fact, the book poses a question many have struggled with. Is one’s first love always the best love? A sweet love story, sweetly told.