The King’s Revenge

Written by Don Jordan Michael Walsh
Review by Susan McDuffie

King Charles I was executed in 1649, his death warrant signed by 57 men.Twelve years later, the monarchy restored, King Charles II took the throne and vowed to hunt down and exact retribution on the members of Parliament and Cromwell’s government who had signed his father’s death warrant. This revenge eventually extended far beyond those named on the warrant, and previous promises of clemency were foresworn in one of the greatest manhunts in English history. The authors trace this bloody story, starting with some of the events of the Civil War and the King’s trial and execution, on to the Restoration and the manhunt for the regicides that followed. The vast cast of characters can be somewhat intimidating, but the authors provide lists of the important players, which help to keep things straight, and there are several pages of illustrations. An interesting treatment of a grim period; recommended.