The Highwayman’s Footsteps

Written by Nicola Morgan
Review by Charlotte Kemp

Inspired by the famous poem by Alfred Noyes, ‘The Highwayman’, this novel is about a young upper-class boy, William de Lacey, who runs away from his vindictive father and brother. Fleeing from the militia after stealing a purse, he is nearly captured by someone he thinks to be a highwayman—one who is hiding a deep secret. The story charts the adventures that William and his new companion depart on, and the yearning both have for someone they can truly trust. For William it is a journey in which he learns the true ruthlessness of his father; his blood-ties nearly cost him his life.

Poignant in places, fast-paced in others, The Highwayman’s Footsteps is a gripping novel that gives insight into the true danger of the Redcoats and the moors in 18th-century England.