The Haunting Of L.

Written by Howard Norman
Review by Jetta Culpepper

Peter Duvett, photographer’s assistant, tells his story of work in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada and later in his home city of Halifax in 1927. A thread of shocking immorality runs throughout the book. Duvett, a young man, begins work for Vienna Linn who is employed by Radin Heur of London. In doing so, Duvett has unwittingly walked into the lives of criminals. The plot is rich with the production and use of “spirit-pictures,” photographing distressing accidents, and dodging accountability.

This final book in a Canadian trilogy follows The Bird Artist and The Museum Guard. Norman is a writer skilled in turning a tale filled with psychological elements and sufficient mystery to intrigue readers. The author has provided a collection of distinctive characters whose fate in life is–in fiction–entertaining. In Norman’s creative style, Duvett recalls the past, tolerates the present, and keeps his own secrets.