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Thomas and Beal in the Midi: A Novel

By Christopher Tilghman - Published 2019



In the early 1890s, childhood friends, now newlyweds Beal Terrell and Thomas Bayly, leave their native Maryland. Their departure would be unremarkable, except ...Read Review

The Dead

By Christian Kracht - By Daniel Bowles (trans.) - Published 2018



This is a dark, atmospheric novel, set at the end of the Weimar Republic in both Europe and Japan. Emil Nägeli, a ...Read Review

Graffiti Palace

By A. G. Lombardo - Published 2018



This visceral, often hallucinatory debut novel unfolds in August 1965, as Americo Monk, a seeker of codes and secret wisdom hidden in graffiti, makes ...Read Review

The Removes

By Tatjana Soli - Published 2018Published 2018-06-12



In the late 19th century, General Armstrong Custer embodied the mixed feelings of Manifest Destiny in the United States, and this book not ...Read Review

Woman of the Ashes

By David Brookshaw (trans.) - By Mia Couto - Published 2018



The introduction to this tale of the end of independence for the country then called Gaza (now Mozambique) is emblematic of its gradual ...Read Review

Theory of Shadows

By Anne Milano Appel (trans.) - By Paolo Maurensig - Published 2018


Biographical FictionLiteraryMystery/Crime

On March 24, 1946, current world chess champion, Alexandre Alekhine, is supposed to be getting ready to defend his title against a Russian challenger. But, ...Read Review

My German Brother

By Alison Entrekin (trans.) - By Chico Buarque - Published 2018



In 1960s Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ciccio is a troubled teenager: he and his friends steal cars, sleep with girls, and generally disturb the ...Read Review

King Zeno

By Nathaniel Rich - Published 2018



New Orleans comes alive in 1918: the Great War is over; the musical sound of jazz is heard in many of the clubs and ...Read Review

The Kingdom of This World

By Alejo Carpentier - By Pablo Medina (trans.) - Published 2017Published c1949



Originally published in Spanish in 1949 and translated soon after, this second English translation offers a new edition of the classic novel based on ...Read Review

The Ninth Hour

By Alice McDermott - Published 2017


In the early 1900s in immigrant-packed Brooklyn, a young Irish husband commits suicide, a grievous and unpardonable sin for Catholics. He leaves behind ...Read Review

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