The Great Texas Dance

Written by Mark C. Jackson
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1836, Zebadiah Creed and his friend Granger are in the Alamo, surrounded by the Mexican Army led by Santa Anna. Ordered to leave the Alamo and try to bring reinforcements, Creed and Granger first arrive at Gonzales with a letter from Colonel Travis for Sam Houston. Unable to meet with Houston, Creed becomes separated from Granger and travels alone to Goliad and joins a small band of Texan soldiers. After Santa Anna defeats those at the Alamo, his army arrives at Goliad. Creed helps in the fight. After the Texans are defeated, Creed is able to escape imprisonment and rides to meet up with Sam Houston’s main army.

This novel continues the adventures of Zebadiah Creed after he leaves New Orleans as the first book in the series ended. I enjoyed this interpretation of the Texas Revolution by an author who has written another character-driven novel filled with adventure and excitement, although descriptions of the actual battle scenes are kept to a minimum. I feel this book can stand alone, although reading the first book would help the reader understand how Creed changed since he left his home several years ago.