The Fleeting Years

Written by Connie Monk
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

This British family saga begins in the 1950s and follows the Marchand family from Peter and Zina’s tenth wedding anniversary, until the time of Peter’s death some forty years later. It follows the lives and loves of Zina’s mother, Jenny, and the couple’s twins, Fiona and Tom. Peter is a successful actor, and Fiona follows him into this field. Zina is a trained classical violinist, and Tom also becomes a career musician.

Tragedy strikes more than once through the years of this long story, but Peter and Zina, while devoted to their arts, are firmly anchored in their love for each other. Their relationship centers them no matter what the vagaries of family life or geography may bring.

Jenny’s story should have been fleshed out more in her later years, and friends Celia and Jacques needed more time on the page. Fiona is over-the-top, even for a diva. Two skips of several years are jarring, but all in all this is a pleasant read. Perhaps Jenny, Celia, Jacques, and Jenny’s new love are being saved for other books. It would be nice to see them again.