The Earl Takes a Fancy: A Sins for All Seasons Novel

Written by Lorraine Heath
Review by Ray Thompson

Although she was born out of wedlock and raised among the working class, Fancy Trewlove’s family wants her to marry into the aristocracy. She just wants to marry someone she loves and who loves her, but since they have raised her lovingly, she feels an obligation to satisfy their expectations. When plain Mr. Matthew Sommersby comes into her bookshop, however, it does not take long for casual acquaintance to develop into passionate love. But will she be willing to disappoint her family? And will their feelings survive when secrets are revealed?

Although it criticizes the snobbery and prejudices of the aristocracy during the Victorian era, and offers insights into the difficulties experienced by women and the poor, the focus of this romance is very much upon the rather idealized lovers and their equally sympathetic family. Recommended to romantics looking for a charming Cinderella story, with an independent-minded and socially conscious heroine. And scenes of passionate lovemaking.