The Doctor’s Daughter

Written by Donna MacQuigg
Review by Mirella Patzer

At her grandmother’s insistence, Rebeccah, a beautiful aristocrat in the late 19th century, reluctantly agrees to leave England and her fiancé to honor her dying mother’s wish and travel to America to visit her sister and estranged father, a doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. On her way there, Indians attack her stagecoach. At Fort Union, she meets an Indian fighter, Colonel Sayer MacLaren of the U.S. Cavalry, who must act as her escort. When his payroll wagon is attacked and all the money is stolen, everyone suspects it is another Indian raid, and he is determined to capture the renegades. As Rebeccah finds herself becoming enamored with Sayer, she is caught unaware when her grandmother and fiancé come to America to take her home.

I found myself totally charmed by this frontier romance quasi who-dun-it. The author interjects several scenes of humorous interactions between the hero and heroine that had me belly laughing. The romance between them blooms realistically and at a believable, natural pace. The story culminates with a load of tension and an entirely satisfying ending that left me wanting more.