The Devil in Buenos Aires

Written by Lily Powell
Review by Jetta Carol Culpepper

Antonie Herrnfeld and her twin Peter, young German Jews, venture to Buenos Aires during the Holocaust. Fearful of the politics in Germany, their wealthy father, Hugo, has deposited money abroad for the children and encouraged them to finish schooling at a foreign university. Their mother, Delores, had obtained visas for the twins at the Argentine Embassy, not so much for schooling as for simply fleeing the country. Getting situated in Buenos Aires means a visit with their cousins, the Gueridas. Stepping briefly into ultra-rich society is like a visit to a dreamland. Antonio Guerida attempts to assist the twins by placing Peter at a larger estate in the province of Buenos Aires while his sister stays at a hotel. Within a few days, Stefan von der Heiden, a Nazi diplomat, uses bribery to recruit Antonie as a spy, but soon she becomes a double agent. Larsen, an American spy and Antonie’s trainer, becomes her romantic interest. Matters change when Stefan renounces the Nazis. The highly dangerous business of double-crossing leads to escape plans for many. The ending’s sudden violence will stun readers who are caught up in hopes for peace.

This highly recommended story reveals that the terror experienced by German Jews also extended into foreign countries. This is a well written, easy to read novel that will appeal to a large audience.