The Beloved


The Beloved is the third in a trilogy, now set in Flanders during the exile of Edward IV. Warwick is plotting to reinstate Henry VI as King of England, supported by George, Duke of Clarence. Already in exile is the Lady Anne de Bohun, illegitimate daughter of Henry VI, mistress of Edward IV and mother of his son, Edward. It is her task to help Edward meet his reluctant brother-in-law, Charles Duke of Burgundy, and raise the army needed to return to England and regain the throne. Anne is fully aware of the fact that she is still very much in love with Edward and is fearful of meeting him again.

On the whole I enjoyed this book. The pace was good, and there were enough ‘real’ events and characters to justify it as an historical novel, but I have to wonder just how the author thought she could make Anne the illegitimate daughter of Henry VI when he was not known for taking mistresses (even the paternity of his son was doubted), and there are other strange quirks of detail. She uses an old spelling of the name Woodville, presumably to add authenticity, and yet has the Duke of Burgundy referring to his daughter, Mary, as a teenager. I also thought that there were too many unnecessary explanations which tended to hold up the story.

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Alt title
The Uncrowned Queen (US)

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