Testing Miss Toogood

Written by Stella Cameron
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Fleur Toogood has been charged with making a brilliant match that will save her family’s fortunes. To that end, she reluctantly agrees to be escorted around London by Lord Dominic Elliot, but that does not mean she will be intimidated by her arrogant chaperone. Lord Dominic would be happy to squire the seductive Miss Toogood if he were not in the midst of a dangerous undercover investigation. Someone has been abducting society misses and then demanding a ransom in exchange for their safe return and a pledge of silence to protect their reputations. But Dominic has reason to believe that the kidnapper is beginning to find this sport much too tame. He fears that the villain’s next victim may not be returned alive. Against the backdrop of the mores and manners of the Regency, Testing Miss Toogood is a steamy psychological thriller. Ms. Cameron’s novel is sure to please those readers who enjoy a romp on the Regency wild side.