The Flight Girls

By Noelle Salazar - Published 2019


Audrey Coltrane has always wanted to fly. When an opportunity comes to train pilots in Hawaii, Audrey can’t pass it up. There ...Read Review

The Familiars

By Stacey Halls - Published 2019


The Familiars is set in 17th-century Lancashire. It tells the story of the trial of the Pendle witches from the point of view ...Read Review

The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs)

By Stephanie Laurens - Published 2019



In this next in the series on the lives and loves of the Cavanaugh clan, Lord Kit Cavanaugh descends on Victorian-age Bristol to ...Read Review

The Yankee Widow

By Linda Lael Miller - Published 2019



Caroline Hammond has never traveled far from her home, a farm nestled just outside Gettysburg. But in June 1863, when her husband Jacob is ...Read Review

The Murder Pit (An Arrowood Mystery)

By Mick Finlay - Published 2019



London, 1896: Private detective William Arrowood detests his famous contemporary, Sherlock Holmes. Unlike the upper-class society that favors Holmes, Arrowood’s turf is the ...Read Review

The Turn of Midnight (Last Hours)

By Minette Walters - Published 2019


The sequel to Minette Walters’ thrilling and suspenseful The Last Hours proves a wonderful conclusion to her enthralling tale of a Dorset village ...Read Review

The Lieutenant’s Nurse

By Sara Ackerman - Published 2019



Eva Cassidy climbs aboard the steamship SS Lurline with a new name and plans for a fresh start. Recently enlisted as an Army ...Read Review

The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh

By Stephanie Laurens - Published 2018



Lord Randolph “Rand” Cavanaugh has that deuced disadvantage plaguing many second sons of the nobility—he must make his own way in the ...Read Review

The Last Hours

By Minette Walters - Published 2017Published 2018Published 2018-08-07



June 1348: When Lady Anne of Develish loses her husband to the Black Death, she takes charge of his demesne and does everything in ...Read Review

Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers

By Sara Ackerman - Published 2018


There’s an intriguing mystery from the outset in Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers: readers know that young Ella knows something about ...Read Review

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