Tempted by a Warrior

Written by Amanda Scott
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In June 1377, in Scotland, Lady Fiona’s husband has disappeared. Until her husband can be found, her father-in-law, Lord Jardine, forces her to accept the guardianship of Sir Richard Seyton, the Laird of Kirkhill, a neighboring clan member and relation of Lord Jardine. As a woman who speaks her mind, Lady Fiona experiences a stormy relationship with Sir Richard, especially after her ill father-in-law dies shortly after Sir Richard arrives. Before Lord Jardine’s death, Sir Richard promised him that he would look into the disappearance of Lady Fiona’s husband and, if it is found that he is dead, make sure the property is inherited by Sir Richard and not Lady Fiona. Everyone suspects foul play, including many who believe that Lady Fiona killed her husband.

This is a historical romance written by prolific romance writer Amanda Scott. If you are looking for a “bodice-ripping” novel with sexual overtones, you will be sadly disappointed. I found the story well-written with well-drawn major characters, especially Lady Fiona and Richard Seyton. The story line is predictable, but the author has added a few surprises to make the plot entertaining. A quick read, and if you enjoy historical romances, you may enjoy this one.