Sun Catcher

Written by Sheila Rance
Review by Elizabeth Hawksley

The Bronze Age: a world of warring tribes, where each clan is protective of its own. Thirteen-year-old Maia is an outsider, brought up by the master silk weaver, Taneth, who arrived from the Far East, fleeing a danger he won’t talk about. Maia herself feels she belongs nowhere. She certainly doesn’t want to become betrothed to Razek, nephew of the chief of the Cave Dwellers. When the clan Watcher prophesies that Maia is a Sun Catcher, Maia rebels. She will decide who she is, not some aged crone.

But danger encircles the Cave Dwellers. Other tribes from far away want the Sun Stone, others who once knew Taneth. They will stop at nothing to capture Maia whom they know is a Sun Catcher. Can Maia flee her destiny?

According to the blurb, Sun Catcher is a ‘magical reality adventure inspired by a Far East setting and Bronze Age history’, which about sums it up. I liked the unusual Oriental setting which illuminated the importance of that precious commodity, silk, the weaving of which would be a closely guarded secret for the next thousand years.

Maia is an engaging heroine with enough problems to keep the readers on her side. My one niggle is that she doesn’t really move on emotionally during the course of the book; she is still the same Maia at the end as she is at the beginning. Perhaps she will move on in book 2. I hope so. A thrilling adventure for girls aged 11 plus.