Ancient World (Other)

The Dragons of Deepwood Fen

By Bradley P. Beaulieu - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

Rylan Holbrooke is a dragon singer. He has a unique talent which allows him to communicate with dragons. Once he has made the ...Read Review

Kingdoms in Peril, Volume 1: The Curse of the Bao Lords

By Menglong Feng - By Olivia Milburn (trans.) - Published 2023



If you’re looking for an epic saga with political intrigue and action at every turn, then Curse of the Bao Lords is ...Read Review

Wolf Road

By Alice Roberts - By Keith Robinson (illus.) - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Tuuli’s small tribe load up their belongings onto their ‘pulks’ to drag across prehistoric Europe as they follow the trail of the ...Read Review

Queens of Themiscyra

By Hannah Lynn - Published 2024


From the bare bones of recorded mythology, Hannah Lynn conjures up the Amazon warriors in a multi-sensory feast of a novel. Hippolyte has ...Read Review


By Judith Lindbergh - Published 2024


The Sauromatae of Central Asia during the Iron Age may have been the inspiration for the Greek stories of the Amazons. Women of ...Read Review

The Rebel’s Niece (Significant Events in Ancient Jewish History)

By Shimon Avish - Published 2023


Living with her husband, Jacob, and their two daughters in Galilee in 67 CE, Sarah cherishes her peaceful life—one that she deserves, having ...Read Review

Run to the Western Shore

By Tim Pears - Published 2023


Tim Pears is no stranger to historical fiction, but in his latest novel he departs from his usual subject of the 20th century ...Read Review


By Sachi Ediriweera - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Young Prince Siddhartha Gautama grows up in a palace. His father rules a region at the foot of the Himalayas. Siddhartha has everything ...Read Review

The Dawning: 31,000 BC

By Richard W. Wise - Published 2022


I recently saw a documentary about the Lagar Vehlo child, a prehistoric skeleton discovered in Portugal twenty or so years ago. What is ...Read Review

Yellow Sky Revolt (The Three Kingdoms Chronicles Book 1)

By Baptiste Pinson Wu - Published 2022



Liao Hua, a defeated general, dictates his story to keep alive the memory of his fallen comrades and to recount the upheaval in ...Read Review

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