Ancient World (Other)

The Twin

By Kevin St. Jarre - Published 2021


“Sui generis” best describes Kevin St. Jarre’s one-of-a-kind new novel, which retells the story of Jesus from the point of view of ...Read Review

SISILIAN PRINSESSA (“The Sicilian Princess”)

By Jukka M. Heikkilä - Published 2021


This novel, written in Finnish, is set in the period 310-240 BC, when great political powers contended for dominance in the Mediterranean and ...Read Review

Starlight in the Dawn

By Naveen Sridhar - Published 2021


The city of Ur, about 2300 BCE: Sargon the Great rules the Akkadian Empire, and his daughter Enheduanna is the high priestess of Ur. ...Read Review

Keziah’s Song

By Daryl Potter - Published 2021


135 BC. When her parents are cast out and her little brother killed, Keziah is rescued from the village mob by a shopkeeper and ...Read Review

Names of the Women

By Jeet Thayil - Published 2021



This novel tells the story of Jesus Christ through the women who followed him and those who were against the man. One of ...Read Review

Yasodhara and the Buddha

By Vanessa R. Sasson - Published 2021



When Prince Siddhartha begins the series of pilgrimages that lead to his becoming the Buddha, he leaves behind his wife, who is pregnant ...Read Review

A Remedy In Time

By Jennifer Macaire - Published 2021



Time travel is nonsense, but with Jennifer Macaire it is always entertaining nonsense, and she makes it seem almost credible. Whereas with other ...Read Review

Echoes of Germania

By H. B. Ashman - Published 2020



Germania, circa 9 BCE: Roman general Nero Claudius Drusus defeats the Cherusci tribe. He drowns the Cherusci seer’s daughters despite her pleas and ...Read Review

Bride of the Buddha

By Barbara McHugh - Published 2021


5th century BCE: Prince Siddhartha abandons his wife and his infant son, departing his palace and his life of royal ease to undertake ...Read Review

Climate Change: An Archaeological Study

By John D Grainger - Published 2020



The thesis of this book is that climate change is nothing new, even during the few tens of thousands of years that mankind ...Read Review

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