St. Raven

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Nan Curnutt

Cressida Mandeville is playing a dangerous game. She is trying to regain some of her family’s fortune by accepting an indecent proposal from the vile Lord Crofton, the man who cheated her father at the gaming table,. Little does she know she is intended as the main attraction at Lord Crofton’s next infamous orgy. Little does he know that she plans to escape before he ravishes her. All plans are off when Cressida is abducted by a highwayman who turns out to be the Duke of St. Raven. Together, Cressida and St. Raven make new plans to redeem the Mandeville fortunes.

Jo Beverley has written many entertaining and enlightening historical novels, but St. Raven is not up to her usual standard. There is not much historical detail to glean from the novel aside from the details of a 19th century orgy. The plot has potential, but the details become lost somewhere as the hero and heroine become immersed in discovering one another’s bodies. Read Deirdre and Don Juan or Emily and the Dark Angel instead to enjoy some of this author’s fine, award-winning historical romances.