Seduced by a Scot (The Highland Grooms Book 6)

Written by Julia London
Review by Misty Urban

In this sixth installment of the Highland Grooms series, the taciturn and usually tactful Nichol Bain meets his match in Maura Darby, an orphaned Scotswoman with plenty of pluck. Nichol is a fixer, 18th-century style, called in to help Calum Garbett secure his ironworks and his daughter’s betrothal by removing his bonny ward, Miss Darby, who keeps drawing the hapless fiancé’s eye. While Maura deplores the few options available to women of her period, such as marriage to a complete stranger, she draws on intelligence and courage to make the best of her circumstances. As their journey together draws them into a deepening intimacy, Maura and Nichol learn they both have lost family, both have been cast out, and both are wary of losing their hearts. London’s love story is feisty and full of fun, with a poignancy to the developing trust and affection between Maura and Nichol, who seem precisely and uniquely suited to one another. The dialogue is spot-on, the supporting characters are a lively bunch, the happily-ever-after is a satisfying surprise, and there’s just enough historical texture to make the setting feel real. A delightful read.