Secret Lament


An exciting page-turner set in Newcastle in the 18th century. This is the third book by Roz Southey with Charles Patterson as the central character. Charles, who once only wanted to play and compose, cannot remember the last time he put pen to paper. These days he cannot resist helping to solve mysteries. This time, however, he also finds himself suspected of the crime. English ruffians are after his blood, and there is an attempted burglary at the house of Esther, his girlfriend.

The novel is set in a world of time slippage, at an intersection of two worlds. Charles has the ability to slip out of one world into the other and, when a murder is discovered in one world, Charles unexpectedly discovers that there is something completely different happening in the other world.

Gossiping spirits who are not always that helpful, a psalm teacher who keeps vigil over a house, music rehearsals with the new band director, Italian actors, and French spies are all included along with actresses, mistresses, flirtations and seductions – together they combine to create a vivid picture of the time. You can see and smell the city, feel the mystery and tensions, and become drawn into the pursuit as the pace quickens. It remains absorbing to the end.

The story is very readable, keeping the reader guessing and eager to know more. Its characters are very well drawn and it is crammed with historical facts. Roz Southey creates something completely different with this series. It is a must-read for those who love historical fiction. There is also crime, mystery, romance, and a bit of science fiction thrown in.

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