Sea Dust

Written by Margaret Muir

Sea Dust is the tale of Emma Quinlan, a woman living with a cruel husband.  Her life is a sad one with little more than grief and violence as companions. Her life would appear set in this vein, due to the demands of her husband, and her son unable to continue his education and start work. With no hope, and despair ahead, it is a random encounter with a French sailor that will change her life forever as she stows away on his ship, bound for Australia.

Make no mistake; Sea Dust is a gritty book.  There’s an edge to Margaret Muir’s writing that makes you feel every bit of emotion experienced by Emma Quinlan. From the death and burial of her infant daughter, to the cramped conditions in the tiny sailor’s loft; to the terror she feels at sea, the reader is experiencing everything along with the character.

Sea Dust is gripping reading, not easy reading in places, but absolutely gripping. Muir’s talent for writing is so good you can almost feel the salt spray of the sea and smell the tar on the ship.  Sea Dust is a highly recommended read.

Rachel Malone