Saved by Her Enemy Warrior

Written by Greta Gilbert
Review by India Edghill

Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh Tausret has died, and her adoring lady-in-waiting and confidant, Aya, has been entombed with her – in violation of all laws – to leave the way to the throne clear for the High Priest. For Aya knows a secret that would keep the royal lineage pure: the location of Tausret’s heir. A secret that she thinks will die with her in her beloved Pharaoh’s tomb.    There’s another person in the tomb: Intef, who’s there to tunnel his way out so those who want another candidate for Pharaoh, Rameses, on the throne, can use Tausret’s tomb treasures to fund their cause. While Aya is more than willing to get out of the tomb, she doesn’t trust Intef or his intentions – and refuses to be distracted by their sizzling physical attraction to each other… and, once free of Tausret’s tomb, Aya and Intef must learn what’s more important than their love and desire for one another.

This is a historical romance, rather than a historical novel, and it’s a doozey. Pharaohs and High Priests; tombs, palaces, intrigue; courage, honor, and betrayal; passion, sacrifice, and love: all unite to produce a hot and spicy read. (If you’re claustrophobic, you may wish to avoid this book, as a great deal of it takes place in the burial chambers and corridors of Pharaoh Tausret’s tomb, and it gets stuffy in there!)