Ancient Egypt

The Final Crossing: A Tale of Self-Discovery and Adventure

By Vince Santoro - Published 2022


The Final Crossing is, in essence, a coming-of-age tale of Nenshi, a young Egyptian. Bought, aged eight, from a slave merchant, Nenshi is ...Read Review

Pharaohs of the Sun: How Egypt’s Despots and Dreamers Drove the Rise and Fall of Tutankhamun’s Dynasty

By Guy de La Bédoyère - Published 2022



The familiar image of the glory of ancient Egypt includes Cleopatra, the Pyramids, the temples of Karnak, and the treasures of King Tutankhamun. ...Read Review

The War That Made the Roman Empire: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian at Actium

By Barry Strauss - Published 2022



Actium, fought on September 2nd in 31 BC, is surely one of the most decisive battles in history, but until I read this book ...Read Review

The Oracle of Avaris (Secrets of the Sands, 3)

By Alisha Sevigny - Published 2022



Lower Egypt, 3500 BCE. In this third book in the Secrets of the Sands trilogy, the story continues nonstop from the previous volume. As ...Read Review

Disappearance of a Scribe (Eye of Isis)

By Dana Stabenow - Published 2022



47 BCE. Caesar has returned to Rome, and Cleopatra VII must bring back order to Alexandria. Tetisheri, her Eye of Isis, records her cases ...Read Review

Nile Cat

By Angela Cecil Reid - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In December 1871, 14-year-old twins Rose and Lily accompany their mother and Egyptologist father to Egypt. After Rose is given a small cat statue, ...Read Review

Cleopatra: The Queen Who Challenged Rome and Conquered Eternity

By Alberto Angela - Published 2021



Popular Italian historian Angela’s docudrama covers a crucial fourteen years of Roman history, complete with feasts, battles, and two legendary love affairs. ...Read Review

Jewel of the Nile

By Tessa Afshar - Published 2021



AD 56. Chariline has always been told that her father, the man who spoiled her late Roman mother, is dead. With her morose aunt, ...Read Review

The North Wind Descends (The Lord Hani Mysteries)

By N L Holmes - Published 2020



1340 BCE. Tensions are high in Kemet under the sun king, Akhenaten, who has just named his brother Smenkhkare as co-regent. During a commission ...Read Review

Pharaoh’s Shadow

By Tasha Madison - Published 2020


In 2012, an investigation led by Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, discovered that the mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses III (r. 1187/6...Read Review

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