Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend

Written by Shana Galen
Review by Monica E. Spence

This is the last book of Galen’s Diamonds trilogy. Lily Dawson, the “Countess of Charm,” masquerades as a notorious courtesan, but is, in truth, a spy for the Crown. Her latest assignment: seduce a duke who is under suspicion of treachery to the monarchy. Lily would rather be seducing the duke’s son, Andrew Booth-Payne, the Earl of Darlington, as she has secretly loved him for years. Unfortunately, he is blind to her charms because he thinks he is in love with Lily’s best friend.  As their newly discovered passion explodes, the tangled web of political intrigue tightens around Lily and Andrew, pitting them on opposite sides where his father is concerned. The shocking truth is revealed during a violent confrontation with the duke. Will honor and love prevail?

Though I found Galen’s characters charming, I found some basic flaws in the plot, especially regarding the female villain of the piece. Given the social strictures of the time, I found the explanation unlikely. There was also not enough build-up of suspicion, and the ultimate revelation of the truth fell a bit flat.