Saba’s Choices – Cosmic Leap

Written by Haidee Belshaw
Review by Lesley Hockin

This is the second volume of Saba’s Choices. Picking up from where Mother Lake left off, Saba continues her journey in a world where myth and magic interweave with the tribal existence of a harsh and earthy age. A mix of cultures from old Europe lead to conflict and power struggles, where the boundaries between the real and dream world are barely noticeable. Saba uses her amazing powers to deal with the troubles she and her kin face.

Haidee Belshaw clearly has an impressive knowledge of ancient mythology, and provides enormous detail about the ceremonies and beliefs of a number of cultures. The pace is fast which caused occasional confusion, but includes faultless detail that conjures up images of a time long since lost to us. The maps and glossary help greatly with the sometimes unfamiliar background and language used, and in placing the huge number of characters involved in the plot.

The cover and quality of the publication are professional and attractive. The fact that there were no typographical errors that I noticed, adds to the general good quality of the book. I would recommend this as a good read for anyone with a passion for this historical era. I do not really understand why the two books were not published in one volume, which I would have preferred, as it would be particularly difficult to read the second without having read the first. Overall, an intellectual and good read.