Rome: The Coming of the King

Written by M.C. Scott
Review by Mike Ashworth

Sebastos Pantera, spy for the Emperor Nero, is hunting Saulos, a dangerous and ruthless adversary. After his failure to burn down Rome in Rome: The Emperor’s Spy, Saulos is determined to bring about the destruction of Jerusalem by provoking rebellion against the Roman occupation. Brilliantly clever and totally ruthless, he seeks the destruction of the whole of Judea in order to provide opportunities for his own aggrandisement. The action races from Caesarea to Masada before culminating in an enthralling climax in Jerusalem.

The action is exciting and unrelenting, racing along with the speed of a hunting cheetah. The politics of the region, both civil and religious, provide a deadly incendiary backdrop to a tale of hatred, psychotic madness and a naked bid for power. The characters are vibrant and totally convincing, while the battle scenes are dramatic and exciting. Manda Scott brings alive a fascinating period of history. This is a superb novel from an author at the top of her game. Quite simply brilliant, this is one to read and keep. More please!