Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was a frequent subject of Victorian historical fiction and also popular throughout the 20th century. It was similarly popular in movies, though it fell out of fashion for a couple of decades until the game-changing success of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, released in 2000. Since then the floodgates of fictional Rome have been torn open.

But Rome means different things to different people. For some it is a military story of imperialism and war in foreign lands. For others it is the victim-tale of the conquered (especially if the conquered happen to be British or Judaic). For others it is broadly cultural: how could people be so similar to us and so different? There is a broad strand of historicals that touch on the New Testament stories, including many new ‘gospels’ and a wealth of faith stories, as well as some militantly anti-Christian novels. There are Roman detective novels, military historicals, sea stories, epics, and literary novels.

Biographical novels are perhaps the richest vein – for literature and ‘box office’.

Dominus: A Novel of the Roman Empire

By Steven Saylor - Published 2021



Following his novels Roma and Empire comes Steven Saylor’s latest about the Pinarii family, Dominus. Spanning seven generations between 165 to 326 AD, Dominus ...Read Review

The Fort (City of Victory 1)

By Adrian Goldsworthy - Published 2021



105 AD. Trajan is Emperor of Rome, and Decebalus is king in Dacia (modern Romania). An uneasy peace exists between the empire and the ...Read Review

Touching Fire: A Vestal Virgin’s Tale

By Peter B. Dedek - Published 2021


In this tale set between 81 and 90 AD, Cornelia is a young Vestal Virgin who comes from a Patrician family in ancient Rome. Like ...Read Review

Antonius: Soldier of Fate (The Antonius Trilogy)

By Brook Allen - Published 2020



42 BC. With Julius Caesar’s assassins now found and executed, Octavian’s rise to power is as fast as it is devious. Marcus ...Read Review

Masters of Rome (Rise of Emperors)

By Gordon Doherty - By Simon Turney - Published 2021



Masters of Rome is the second in the series The Rise of the Emperors. The story picks up from the previous Sons of ...Read Review

A Comedy of Terrors (Flavia Albia 6)

By Lindsey Davis - Published 2021



Lindsey Davis is unsurpassed when it comes to murder, mischief, and mayhem at Saturnalia, or indeed at any other time in ancient Rome. ...Read Review

Pillars of Barabbas (The Barabbas Trilogy)

By M.D. House - Published 2021



I’m sure readers of the Bible sometimes wonder what happened next. Was that prophecy fulfilled? Did that tax collector or that prostitute ...Read Review

From the Ashes

By Melissa Addey - Published 2021


In 79 AD Pompeii, a slave and scribe, Althea, is offered to Marcus, a former soldier, and operator of the amphitheater. Althea’s master ...Read Review

Cleopatra: The Queen Who Challenged Rome and Conquered Eternity

By Alberto Angela - Published 2021



Popular Italian historian Angela’s docudrama covers a crucial fourteen years of Roman history, complete with feasts, battles, and two legendary love affairs. ...Read Review

Jewel of the Nile

By Tessa Afshar - Published 2021



AD 56. Chariline has always been told that her father, the man who spoiled her late Roman mother, is dead. With her morose aunt, ...Read Review

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