Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was a frequent subject of Victorian historical fiction and also popular throughout the 20th century. It was similarly popular in movies, though it fell out of fashion for a couple of decades until the game-changing success of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, released in 2000. Since then the floodgates of fictional Rome have been torn open.

But Rome means different things to different people. For some it is a military story of imperialism and war in foreign lands. For others it is the victim-tale of the conquered (especially if the conquered happen to be British or Judaic). For others it is broadly cultural: how could people be so similar to us and so different? There is a broad strand of historicals that touch on the New Testament stories, including many new ‘gospels’ and a wealth of faith stories, as well as some militantly anti-Christian novels. There are Roman detective novels, military historicals, sea stories, epics, and literary novels.

Biographical novels are perhaps the richest vein – for literature and ‘box office’.

The Lost Chapter

By Tod Scott Connor - Published 2019


Nero rules Rome in the first century AD and is destroying its best citizens with his ever-growing perversity, cruelty, and terrifying reprisals. Marius, ...Read Review

Daughter of Rome

By Tessa Afshar - Published 2020



Afshar explores the lives of Aquila and Priscilla from the Bible, a married couple who were extremely influential in the early Christian movement. ...Read Review


By Simon Scarrow - By T. J Andrews - Published 2019



AD 25. When Clemestes, captain of a merchant ship, offers Telemachus, a young man surviving on the streets of Piraeus, the chance to join ...Read Review

Barbarians: Rebellion and Resistance to the Roman Empire

By Dr Stephen P. Kershaw - Published 2019



I went to the kind of school where we learned Roman history via Latin lessons, and I’m afraid that Roman history has ...Read Review

The Exiled

By David Barbaree - Published 2019


The Bay of Naples, August, A.D. 79, at the Roman Imperial summer residence. The Flavians, now under Emperor Titus, have ruled Rome since ...Read Review

Julius Caesar’s Invasion of Britain: Solving a 2,000-Year-Old Mystery

By Roger Stephen Nolan - Published 2019



Roger Nolan has a new theory about the route taken by Julius Caesar in his invasion of Britain in 54 BC.  The received version ...Read Review

Brigantia (Vindolanda)

By Adrian Goldsworthy - Published 2019



Britannia, AD 100. Flavius Ferox is a centurion charged with keeping the peace on Britannia’s frontier with the barbarian tribes of the North. ...Read Review

The Lost Ten

By Harry Sidebottom - Published 2019



An exciting standalone historical thriller, The Lost Ten is set in 3rd-century Rome and has all the attributes of a top war movie. ...Read Review

In the Shadow of Heroes

By Nicholas Bowling - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

1st-century AD, Rome. The power-crazed Emperor Nero is determined to get his hands on the fabled Golden Fleece, and his armed guards will ...Read Review

The Scorpion’s Strike (Empire series)

By Anthony Riches - Published 2019



AD 186. The Scorpion’s Strike continues the story of Marcus Aquila’s fight for justice for himself and his family. Fresh from their ...Read Review

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