Ribbon of Years

Written by Robin Lee Hatcher
Review by Nan Curnutt

Julianna, forty-something and disappointed with her life, wanders in on an intimate circle of friends. They have joined to share the memories of their recently deceased friend, Miriam. Miriam was a teen who seemed to be headed for trouble. She was not satisfied with her calm, orderly life. She wanted excitement. She wanted to get away. As events unfold, Miriam gives her heart to God. She is forever changed by His love. Her life begins to take on a new grace; but is it enough to get her through the difficulties she must face?

This inspirational novel winds the tale of this ordinary, yet extraordinary woman through the current events of her time. Hatcher is well in control of her tale, bringing events full circle, and showing how one life lived well can bring hope and purpose to others as well. Although historical details are included, they are not a significant part of this novel.