Release Your Inner Roman: A Treatise by Nobleman Marcus Sidonius Flax

Written by Jerry Toner
Review by Bryan Dumas

Struggling with raising your unruly children, getting that raise at work, or finding a balance between happiness and letting luxuries dull your senses? Then follow the advice of Marcus Sidonius Flax (cleverly written by Jerry Toner, The Roman Guide to Slave Management) as he goes through the ways we can learn from the vaunted Roman people on living well. Chapters here include: “Romance like a Roman” and “Climb the Oily Pole.” Flax uses anecdotes from Roman history to explain how everyone can be as successful as the Roman people and what pitfalls to avoid—the theme of the harmfulness of luxuries is constant and may read as repetitious to some readers. It’s a great book for historians, as Toner’s commentary sections after Flax’s stories footnote the sources and briefly explain them. A fun concept and an entertaining way to teach the history of Roman society.