Red & Lowering Sky

Written by Lynn Morris
Review by B. J. Sedlock

In 1888, the Livingstone children are still reeling from the loss of their mother in a riding accident. But President Grover Cleveland needs their father’s help: Stockton is to become the American consul in Samoa, where Germany is testing its imperial power.

In Samoa, the family meets Mavis Thoroughgood, British daughter of missionaries. She agrees to teach them the Samoan language and customs. When the islanders begin fighting each other, her home provides a safe refuge for the Livingstones. As the Western government representatives become involved in the conflict, Mavis and Stockton are thrown together more and more often. Will their attraction to each other overcome the obstacles of different social stations, family jealousies, and a terrible hurricane that upsets the balance of power on the island?

There is a minor problem with the back cover, as it gives the year as 1811 instead of 1888. Otherwise, I found it an excellent religious romance novel. The exotic setting and little-known historical events are real pluses. A bigger plus is the good characterization. Even the smaller children, who are in only a few scenes, have distinct personalities. I would enjoy reading more about this lively and humorous family.