Recipe for Treason: A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery

Written by Andrea Penrose
Review by Beth Turza

What a wonderful combination of a Regency-era cloak-and-dagger mystery and chocolate cookbook! Each chapter features a mouthwatering recipe of Lady Arianna’s as we follow her and Lord Saybrook, her serious husband, through many dangers in Scotland and London. In this second book of the series, we find them teaming up with chemists and a dowager countess as they track down the bad guys, who are bent on inventing a devastating war machine that will enable them to drop explosives from the air. This is a century before airplane warfare, but the scientists can foresee the possibility of the new hot air balloons being used for evil purposes. This book keeps moving along. It will pique readers’ interest with its well-developed characters and the relationships between them, combined with Lady Arianna’s mouthwatering recipes at the beginning of each chapter. The novel will certainly be enjoyed long after the adventure ends, as a chocolate recipe book.