Written by Rusty Davis
Review by Loyd Uglow

If you’re going to be an unofficial troubleshooter like Kane, it’s best to work for a powerful individual, and in 1875 few were more powerful than General William T. Sherman. Kane is a man who gets things done. Whether that happens within or outside the limits of the law is largely a matter of practicality. When Sherman’s wartime friend Jared Wilkins is killed, Kane is assigned to find out who did it and why.

Kane’s mission takes him to Rakeheart, a Wyoming town menaced by mysterious gunmen known as the Company Riders and by a clique of local businessmen with something to hide. Who can Kane trust in his unofficial investigation, and where does Wilkins’s determined Indian widow Rachel fit into the picture?

Author Rusty Davis has crafted a strong protagonist in Kane, but one with a realistic share of shortcomings and self-doubt. Rachel’s character is more complex as she must contend with local bias, worry for her children, and running a ranch. The plot is fast-moving, and the action realistic. I hope to see Kane as a series character.