Private Arrangements

Written by Sherry Thomas
Review by Audrey Braver


In 1893 London, a perfect marriage among the aristocratic elite was hard to find, with one notable exception: that of Lord and Lady Tremaine. However, it should be noted that the couple hadn’t lived together since the morning after their wedding, when Camden Saybrook, Lord Tremaine, walked out on his bride. Now, nine years later, Lady Tremaine, Gigi, has asked for a divorce, and Camden has returned from his self-imposed exile in America. He is willing to oblige with one condition: that she give him an heir first. The story flashes back and forth from their first meeting in 1882 to 1893, but it is done in such a way as to further the plot and explain the past without unwieldy exposition. Ms. Thomas has created a delightful story with a well-developed plot, balanced with the right amount of historical detail. Her characters are complex, and the emotional conflict is believable.