Of Little Faith


The 1960s were tumultuous times, sounding a death knell for those who distorted reality, and those under fire had to make a choice to flee or hide behind the protective shield of denial. Laura, Beth, Eric, and his wife, Jenny, are the children of fundamentalist Christians who believe faith is the center of existence. But they have left two of their children hiding behind secrets that need to be revealed in order for necessary healing to occur. Laura rebels and rejects religion; she wants to have a child by a surrogate father, a desire that sets her apart from almost everyone she knows. However, she is a talented author whose children’s novel has just been accepted for publication with a lucrative deal. Constant tension over the unspoken past builds between the siblings. All of this, however, proceeds unusually with the help of another writer, Peter, and a shocking development.

Reactions by this novel’s readers may depend on one’s beliefs or lack thereof, but it cannot be denied that the essence of compassion is the theme brilliantly shining through this poignant story. The reader’s feelings evolve parallel to those of the characters. Change and honest caring were the by-products of the ´60s, all of which the reader experiences in a wondrous way that remains long after the story and its afterword are finished. Excellent historical fiction and highly recommended!

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