Nobody’s Child

Written by Elizabeth Gill

It is Christmastime, and two young sisters are ripped from their travelling life when their mother dies and their father runs off and leaves them. As gypsies, they are not accepted by the small colliery-town community in which they have been abandoned, and with no one to turn to, they have to fend for themselves in what seems a very cold and hostile world. Forced apart by circumstances, Kath and Ella survive as best they can, but they never give up hope of finding one another again.

Set between the wars, Nobody’s Child follows the fortunes of Kath and Ella as they battle to survive hardship and poverty, helped or hindered by an entertaining host of well-drawn characters. The story touches on the problems faced by those who have survived the Great War during a time when everyone has to change or adapt to survive. There is grit here, and tragedy, but there is also warmth and humanity, too, as Kath and Ella find their way. Elizabeth Gill is a natural story-teller and evokes the harsh realities of life in the North East of England with skill and affection. Fans of Dilly Court and Catherine Cookson will thoroughly enjoy this.