No Turning Back

Written by K.M. Peyton
Review by Mary Moffat

This is the second in KM Peyton’s Roman pony story series featuring Minna, the daughter of the blacksmith at the Roman fort of Othona on the coast of Essex. Minna is now working in the kitchen of the commander’s villa, helping her mother with her sewing and riding Silva whenever possible. (Silva is the horse which Minna rescued as a foal). Minna is now fourteen which is old enough to be married. She is desperately in love with Theo, the commander, although she knows that marriage to him is impossible.

When Theo is sent to Camolodumun to run the citadel, Minna is devastated. Then, when her parents try to force her into a hated marriage, she takes Silva and rides to Camolodunum where Theo finds her a position as a lady’s maid. But Minna’s mind is still on horses––and Theo.

On the way to Camolodumun, Minna had seen a magnificent horse which had been stolen from the Romans by a band of brigands. She persuades Theo to try to steal it back. This results in great danger for both Theo and Minna.

This book shows clearly how even wealthy Romans like Theo were living under obedience. This applies even more to Minna.

This book is certainly not a stand alone. The end reads like the beginning of another book. There is plenty of scope for romantic development in further books in the series. Despite her hopeless love for Theo, she is attracted to both Stuf, the beachcomber, and Draco, the son of the leader of the brigands. Also she is beginning to look more kindly on Benoc, Theo’s slave. Readers will look forward to the next book in the series.

Comes with a map and a glossary. For teenage girls.