No Peace for the Wicked

Written by Pip Granger
Review by Tess Allegra

Fourth in the ongoing series of post-WWII Soho and its enclave of family, friends and fiends finds Lizzie Robbins trying to put her life back together after her daughter’s death, working as a costumier by day and at Bandy’s bar in the evenings. Her life is soon enriched—and challenged—with the arrival of an Anglo-Chinese girl, Peace, who has run away from school and seeks refuge with her surprising guardian, smoking, drinking and man-crazy Bandy. Lizzie gets in deep when she takes the child in, and the girl soon disappears into the Chinese underworld of Limehouse. Rounding up help from her friends, especially new heartthrob, T.C., a former policeman, they are soon at the mercy of Chinese bandits. Lizzie learns a lot about Chinese culture and even more about herself.

Pip Granger’s characters are the heart and soul of her novels. The strong bonds of Soho are heartwarming without too much sweetness creeping in. Fans of the series will enjoy this latest entry, but new readers will be captured, too, as each novel stands well on its own.